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Since 2002 I have been collaborating with author Warren Fahy on his novel FRAGMENT. I have directed a variety of independent concept artists to create a range of visual materials related to the story.  Some images below are included in the published book, others help visualize, promote and pitch the property.  

I created many pieces and directed a variety of independent artists to develop a range of visual assets—sketch studies, concept comps, page layouts, maps, character maquettes, motion tests, web site and videos—adhering to the author's vision and working to create the most compelling visual impact for the intellectual franchise.

The project also involved interacting with agents, publishers, producers, and lawyers in regards to this creative material and its use in a variety of mediums. 

Below are some examples of the work.  More can be seen at

Henders Rat vs. Mongoose
Rover in the Jungle
Henders House
Jungle Corridor
Disk Ant sihoulette
Disk Ant book etching
Henders Wasp book etching
Henders Rat book etching
Spiger book etching
Spiger slhouette
Henders Island Map
Field Guide: Disk Ant
Field Guide: Henders Rat
3D printed Hender concpet
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