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As an experienced Director, Designer, and Manager I have a track record of innovative results in a series of emerging technologies during their exciting opening acts.


  • Pioneering in early 3D computer graphics, AAA 3D video games, and real-time rendering solutions – as a partner in two companies, from start-up to acquisition.  

  • Forging tools, teams, and products for the production of global 3D lane-level maps – for the era of autonomous vehicle navigation.  

  • Designing features and prototypes for AI-derived planet-scale 3D worlds used in high-end flight simulation and metaverse applications.  

  • Building and leading a team in the design and development of novel dynamic data visualization solutions for complex music industry rights and consumption datasets.  


I'm comfortable in unexplored territory, pairing strategic planning with hands-on design and development in each of these domains, I've used forward-thinking vision and broad expertise to build, direct, and empower productive and happy teams to deliver compelling solutions. As a passionate champion of the end-user, I tend to be an energetic catalyst for innovation across design, engineering, product, and management.

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