As an experienced creative executive, director and designer, my curiosity and commitment have generated a track record of trailblazing results in a series of disruptive emerging technologies during their opening acts.

I am comfortable navigating unexplored territory – starting at the rise of 3D computer graphics, then on to partner in building two companies (from start-up to acquisition) pioneering high-end 3D video games and real-time 3D visualizations.

Recently I’ve been forging tools, features and teams for the industrial-scale production and visualization of accurate lane-level 3D maps – for the dawning age of autonomous navigation and immersive location-based applications and services.

Along with hands-on design and execution of concepts, prototypes, tools, UIs, and products, I've used forward-thinking vision and broad expertise to build and direct creative teams to deliver compelling next-generation products and user-experiences.

I’m at home when outnumbered by developers and engineers, because I’m certain only a tight collaboration between art and a lot of science yields extraordinary results. As a passionate champion of the end-user, I am an energetic catalyst and conduit across design, engineering, product, and management.

I frequently imagine a world where we all interact with computers and data in a much more natural, immersive, and powerful way. I feel a kind of nostalgia for that future, and a determination to help make it real.

© 2020 Michael Limber

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